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How do I set up?

This page will help you get the most out of your shisha and ensure you have the smoothest smoking experience.

User guide

T's & C's

Shisha Delivery

So your shisha delivery has finally arrived? Great! 

Unpack the shisha equipment from the carry case provided. First step would be to fill some water in the glass base (up to the first solid line below the neck of the bottle.    Your next step is to carefully insert the shisha stem into the glass, ensure that it has fully inserted to avoid an air leak.  You have been provided with a new & sealed disposable hose, remove the outer packaging and insert the shorter end of the hose into the hose port on the shisha stem and remove the seal from the longer end of the hose.

If you have ordered a coal burner, plug in to a wall socket and turn the temperature dial on the burner to the highest setting #5.

Place 3 coals on the burner and allow them to fully heat up, this usually takes 10-15 minutes. Once the coals turn orange, they are ready to use.

OK, so the coals are lit and ready. Using the provided tongs, carefully pick up your coals and gently blow on them to remove excess ash, this will also ensure the heat is distributed evenly. 


The coals are now prepared, place all 3 coals carefully on the silver/gold heat metal tray which can be found on top of your Shisha. It is essential to start the shisha with 3!

Once you have placed the coals on the top of the heat tray, give the flavour a couple of minutes to infuse correctly. Draw some smoke through your hose, it may take a minute or two before your shisha is smoking properly. If you feel the smoke is too harsh, simply remove 1 coal.

Lastly but most importantly, ENJOY!

Details on how to order can be found  if you click here.

You are solely liable to ensure someone is available to hand over our equipment at the agreed collection time & in the same condition that you received it in. Failure to do so will result in further fees.


All users must be over the age of 18 and ID must be provided.


All Shishas are used for specific flavours, customers are not permitted to use their own flavours in our Shisha’s as this will damage and contaminate the Shisha and Hose.


Customers are liable for any damage caused to the equipment and will only be charged for each damaged item and not the whole product.


Customers should follow Health and Safety tips to prevent mis-use of Shisha.

Delivery costs may apply.

Do not use our services if you do not agree to the terms of use described above. By using our service you are in agreement of our terms of use.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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