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How do I order?


Select a package and give us a call us on +4474 0707 7575 or send us a text message/WhatsApp to place your order.

If you have any questions about your order feel free to have a look at our information page or ask one of the team on the phone.



We aim to deliver your shisha within an hour of receiving your order. In extreme cases there may be a slight delay depending on London's traffic. But not to worry, we will always keep you updated every step of the way.

Payment will be collected in full when your order is delivered. We accept payment by cash or card.



We will call you the following day to arrange a suitable time to collect the shisha from you.

When arranging a time with us please ensure that someone will be home to hand over our equipment.


What's included?

Shisha Delivery

Premium shisha pipe
All of our shisha pipes  are cleaned and sanitised after each use. We only use genuine and premium quality shisha pipes for our delivery service.

Shisha Delivery electric stove

Electric coal burner
We can provide you with an electric coal burner for an extra fee of £10. This will light coconut coals safely and efficiently.

funne head Shisha Delivery.png

Bowl of pre-packed flavour
Check out our range of flavours. We're sure you'll find something to satisfy your taste buds!

Packet of charcoal
You can choose from two options of charcoal.
Option 1: Instant light charcoal which can be lit using a lighter, these take no longer than a minute to ignite and be ready for use.
Option 2: Coconut coals take slightly longer to ignite (10-15 minutes) these can be lit either on a gas stove or using one of our electric coal burners.


hose Shisha Delivery.png

Disposable hose
We only stock single use disposable hoses to ensure hygiene and safety for all our customers. 

Shisha Delivery tongs (1).png

Safety tongs
Stainless steel tongs will be provided to allow safety when handling hot charcoal.

triangle-cone Shisha Delivery.png

Hygienic mouth tips
We will provide you with two mouth tips per shisha, this allows you to share a shisha with others hygienically. 

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